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25 February 2016: Released a new version of traffic3 that introduces a REST interface. More information on GitHub

23 November 2015: Released a minor new version of traffic3 fixing a handle leak on error. More information on GitHub

22 November 2015: Released a new version of traffic3 with Windows support. More information on GitHub

11 November 2015: Released a new version of traffic, called traffic3. More information on Traffic or GitHub

29 December 2014: Added code and pages for my Mancala Solver.

30 September 2012: Added slides for my CARO 2011 and CARO 2012 presentations.

16 January 2010: For some reason browsing to stopped working. Fixed it.

14 December 2009: The old site is gone. If you can't find something on the site that used to be here please Contact me.

6 December 2009: Looked at the logs and I am a bit disappointed. There is a large number of links to pages that were inside frames. I added some more redirection magic to take care of that. The old site is still there, but hopefully a bit harder to reach.

30 November 2009: Added a Facebook profile. More information under Contact.

26 November 2009: The web site is up with all the redirection magic. I will check the logs in a week to see if everything works as it should. Then I will remove the old site. Although it should be pretty hard to get to the old site as things stand now.

26 November 2009: The new look web site is starting to shape up. I only need to add some redirection magic and some new content.