Netscape Address Book Recovery


Netscape Address Book Recovery. This is a tool to take that corrupted Netscape Address Book and get your information out of it. After the third time my book got corrupted, I gave up trying to fix it by hand and wrote this program. This program attempts to get as much information out of the address book as is possible. But as with all programs of this type, it will always need to change to keep track of the different ways in which the address book can be corrupted. It can output .csv (Comma Separated Values) or .ldi (LDAP Date Interchange Format) files. If you output to .csv files you will lose all mailing list information.



Operating Systems

Currently there is support for the following operating systems:

  • Linux


0.1.0Tar BZ2RPMSRPM8 January 2003 Changelog
0.0.1Tar GZ  20 December 2002 Changelog