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28 April 2018: Added a new project Email Archive.

12 January 2018: Added a new Blog entry on Choosing a Cloud

8 January 2018: Running in AWS and Google Cloud. It was running for a bit in Azure but no longer. That is worth a longer conversation. I may write a blog about that sometime soon.

5 December 2017: Preparing for a switch over to a new version of the site. Newer Wiki software, different hosting provider. No more HTTP only HTTPS. More control over the site and its security. Also adding the domains.

25 February 2016: Released a new version of traffic3 that introduces a REST interface. More information on GitHub

23 November 2015: Released a minor new version of traffic3 fixing a handle leak on error. More information on GitHub

22 November 2015: Released a new version of traffic3 with Windows support. More information on GitHub

11 November 2015: Released a new version of traffic, called traffic3. More information on Traffic or GitHub

29 December 2014: Added code and pages for my Mancala Solver.

30 September 2012: Added slides for my CARO 2011 and CARO 2012 presentations.

16 January 2010: For some reason browsing to stopped working. Fixed it.

14 December 2009: The old site is gone. If you can't find something on the site that used to be here please Contact me.

6 December 2009: Looked at the logs and I am a bit disappointed. There is a large number of links to pages that were inside frames. I added some more redirection magic to take care of that. The old site is still there, but hopefully a bit harder to reach.

30 November 2009: Added a Facebook profile. More information under Contact.

26 November 2009: The web site is up with all the redirection magic. I will check the logs in a week to see if everything works as it should. Then I will remove the old site. Although it should be pretty hard to get to the old site as things stand now.

26 November 2009: The new look web site is starting to shape up. I only need to add some redirection magic and some new content.

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