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So you are here to read my disclaimer. This is a sad fact of the modern Internet that you can not have an opinion without a disclaimer that is at least twice as long. To save space with every opinion I just post the URL to this page so that people only need to be bored by this is many times as they want to be.

So here goes the short version

I speak for myself, with the best of intentions. I do not represent anybody, except if I explicitly said so.

Here is the long version

The contents of any web pages, e-mail, news postings or any other electronic publication by me that refers to this URL is meant as my opinion and does not represent the opinion or viewpoint of any body, group, organization or company that I may be involved or perceived to be involved in, except if I explicitly stated as such.


All information and graphics on this web site are copyright Robert Sandilands @2009 except where otherwise stated.

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