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I have released and been involved in several open source projects in the past. It has been challenging to stay involved due to increased responsibilities both in the office and at home.

For that reason I divide the projects into three groups: Projects I have contributed to, projects that I initiated and still consider active and projects that I initiated but consider to be abandoned.

With active I imply something I may still look at or use from time to time.

Active projects that I initiated

Project NameDescriptionLast Release
Email ArchiveAllows me to have an email client agnostic email archiveApr 28, 2018
Traffic GeneratorSimulates heavy load conditions on a networkMay 28, 2016
ScriptIdScript IdentifierMar 01, 2003
Simple Slide ShowSimple Slide Show Screen SaverMay 15, 2004
Sudoku SolverSudoku SolverMay 31, 2006
Mancala SolverMancala SolverDecember 29, 2014

Abandoned projects that I initiated

Project NameDescriptionLast Release
Error Converter Creates Multi-language error codes and handlingMay 3, 2002
Quick Album GeneratorPhoto Album GeneratorJune 16, 2003
Signing toolPlays with Microsoft CryptoAPI signing and verifying of executablesFeb 1, 2003
NABRRecovers a Corrupted Netscape Address BookJan 8, 2003
RFdiskIncomplete DOS fdisk utilitySep 29, 1999
ReceiveMessageDebugging tool for WindowsJan 28, 2003
RTFConvertBi-directional RTF to ASCII converter.Jan 28, 2003
CSAVUpdateCommand AntiVirus UpdateApril 17, 2005

Projects I contributed to

Project NameDescriptionLast patch
Fastdep Fast C/C++ Dependency GeneratorNov 29, 2002
Kcd Directory Change UtilityApr 15, 2003
ViralatorAnti-virus plug-in for web-redirectorsMay 1, 2003

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