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This program will solve a puzzle following the rules of Sudoku. A description of the rules used can be found at the Sudoku entry on Wikipedia .

The application impliments a N x N puzzle.

This was originally started as a challenge between friends. There are more efficient solutions for small puzzles but they tend to get impossibly slow at puzzles larger then 4 x 4.

I have even heard somebody mention that this has some unknown artificial intelligence algorithm behind it. It is just a basic error minimization search.


It is a command line application that can take several parameters.

-h/-?: Shows help
-s old|simann|mixed: Uses old style, mixed or Simulated Annealing to search for a solution.
-i filename : This loads a text file with initial values for the puzzle

The format of the file is as follows: x y value Where x and y is in the range 0 to ( N*N ) - 1 and value is in the range 1 to N*N. Very little verification is done on this file, so I expect many bugs related to this function. It will not detect if an impossible starting condition has been set. The application will load the initial state ( if specified ), initialize the rest of the puzzle to random values and then do a search to find a solution where the conditions of the game has been met.

Known Bugs

None thus far.

Source Code

It is normal C++ and should compile on most Unix systems.



Operating Systems

Currently there is support for the following operating systems:

  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Sun Solaris Sparc


0.5tgz31 May 2006Cleaned up the code and added a mixed search algorithm
0.4tgz23 May 2006Added simulated annealing as searching algorithm
0.3tgz12 Aug 2005Improved searching speed
0.2tgz6 Aug 2005Initial Release

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