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This is an investigation of the Microsoft CryptoAPI. This must be the worst documented and implemented API of all time. Although more information seems to be released every day.

This application can query, verify and sign an Authenticode (Microsoft Copyrighted word!) signed file and report some information on it.

Operating Systems

Currently there is support for the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows


This program is seriously beta and expect it to have lots of bugs. It was developed under Borland C++ Builder 5.0. It is released under a "Do what you want with it license". It is just me playing and sharing my attempts with you. The guarantee is therefore of the nature that if it breaks, you get to keep all the little and big pieces.

It is quite important to read the README distributed with the source. Without it it is a lot of work to figure out how to compile this.

From version 0.2.0 you need CAPICOM installed.

Known Bugs

  • The CAPICOM version of signing a file assumes that there is only one key in the MY keystore that can be used to sign a file


VersionRelease DateMS SDK Date Required
0.3.01 February 2003October 2002
0.2.011 October 2002August 2002
0.1.023 August 2002 

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