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Last Updated: 26 February 2003

  1. Does the file have to be uniformly constituted of script? How about an html page with embedded script? or xml invoking script through a style-sheet?
    • 1 March 2003: I added a test for HTML with script inside it.
    • 26 February 2003: I have added several .asp files to the training set. I'm still looking for some html and xml samples and will update the neural network weights as I find new samples. The software can distinguish between ASP with javascript in them and those with vbscript.
    • 22 February 2003: The first round of tests and learning focused exclusively on uniformly constituted scripts. But with varying amounts of obfuscation and comments. It is therefore likely that it will work for the mentioned cases, although it has not been tested.
  2. How accurate is this program?
    • That is always difficult to say due to the nature of neural networks. The best I can do is report on tests ran by me or other people. The last test ran on 21 February 2003 where I downloaded 27 vbscript files from different sites on the Internet. The neural network has never been trained with those files. It correctly identified 26 of the files. This is an accuracy of 96.3%. Since then the badly identified file has been added to the neural network training data and the accuracy was improved to 100% on those files.

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